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Lost Vids

Fanvideos of the ABC show "Lost"

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By popular demand (well, by suggestion of about 7 people) I give you the "Lost" vids community!

This community is a place where vidders (or just people who enjoy watching vids) of the TV show "Lost" can show off their work, discuss posted or linked vids, trade clips, suggest songs/topics for vids, etc...

This will be a pretty relaxed community in terms of rules, but there has to be a few to ensure nobody wastes anybody's time with posts that really don't belong here.

Community Rules:

1 - Keep posts on topic.

Topic being (pretty self explanatory) Lost Vids. For discussion of the show in general, try lost_tv, castaways, or on_the_sand. For icons, try lost_icons. For graphics, try lostgraphics. on_the_sand has a listing of other lost communities, if you're not into vidding.

2 - No spoilers.

This should be easy to do, since it would be pretty difficult to make a vid from an ep that hasn't aired yet, but it should be mentioned anyway. For spoilers check out lost_tv_spoiler or one of the other communities. Clips from any eps that have aired, including previews for the next episode are fair game. If you haven't watched all the eps yet and don't want to be spoiled, don't watch the vids.

3 - No non-"Lost" vids.

This should be pretty obvious. If you are linking to a page that has vids from various fandoms INCLUDING "Lost", that is fine, however no "Check out my new LOTR/BtVS/HP vid!!!" posts.

4 - Be respectful.

Construtive criticism and feedback is welcomed and encouraged. However, a post of "Your vid sucks!" or anything else in that vein will NOT be tolerated! Keep in mind we may have some beginner vidders, or vidders who haven't much practice yet. Mature and respectful suggestions for improvement and the like are fine, personal attacks are NOT. If you can't say anything nice about a person's vid, simply refrain from commenting and let it go. If you really feel you need to get into it with someone, do so OFF the community, because I don't want to see it. If you are caught disrespecting someone else in the community you will be banned! To report abuse, contact one of the mods and we will deal with it.

5 - Please include the following information with your vid posts:

Song Title/Vid Title: The title of the song/vid.
Vidder: Your name, email, etc...
Artist: The band/singer/composer of the song.
Category: Examples of this would be adventure, comedy, slash, romance, experimental, episodic, character study, narrative, you get the idea.
Characters: The characters the vid focuses on.
Pairings: If it's a shipper vid, the pairings you used, if it's not a shipper vid, put "none".
Summary: A brief description of your vid

Basically, as long as the post is on topic (topic, once again, being "LOST VIDS"), it's allowed. Along with posting vids, you may suggest/request vids, topics or songs to be vidded, trade editing tips (as long as this doesn't stray too far from being about "Lost"), ask for clips, ask questions like "Which ep/scene contained such and such a clip?", etc...

Here are some answers to things that may not have been covered above:


Q: If I'm not a vidder can I still join?

A: Yes you may, just because you don't make vids yourself, doesn't mean you can't appreciate them.

Q: Can I pimp my new community?

A: Only if it's about vidding. Therefore general vidding communities are OK - but not other fandom specific. Meaning if the community is about the technique of vidding or is a multi fandom vidding community go right ahead, while a Buffy/Angel vids community would not be allowed. There are plenty of other places that allow announcements of new "Lost" communities. If we get to the point where there are specialized "Lost" vid communities (ie. Shipper vids, Charlie vids, etc...) then pimp away.

Q: Is slash allowed?

A: DEFINATELY! That being said, het/gen is just as welcome. And please, no flaming people because they don't have the same OTP as you. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

If you are REALLY unsure if something is allowed or not, ask one of the mods, we will be happy to answer your question.





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